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Learn with our professional training programmes to get a head-start on your project. Our  pedagogy helps you quickly grasp  intricate concepts with ease. Click here to register now.

MATLAB®: Fundamentals & Programming

Model-Based Design using SIMULINK®

Modelling Logic with STATEFLOW®

Matlab®, Simulink® & Stateflow® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

  1. Next Matlab training programme to be from 21 Sep - 12 Oct 2014.

  2. Watch a 60min FREE DEMO of our Matlab course on our YouTube Channel.

  3. We have started Q&A forums on our blog, with exclusive access to our trainees.

  4. Matlab course upgraded to v3. Renamed as Matlab: Fundamentals & Programming.

  5. We will now be blogging to connect with our patrons. Subscribe our blog posts to your email.

  6. Training registrations are now fully web-based and hassle-free.

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