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Corporate training in Matlab & Simulink
Innovation and prototyping Accelerated.
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Learn Matlab Simulink, Stateflow with our professional training programmes to get a head-start on your project. Our pedagogy helps you quickly grasp intricate concepts with ease. Click here to register now.

MATLAB®: Fundamentals & Programming

Model-Based Design using SIMULINK®

Modelling Logic with STATEFLOW®

Matlab®, Simulink® & Stateflow® are registered trademarks of The Mathworks, Inc.

  1. Watch a 60min FREE DEMO of our Matlab course on our YouTube Channel.

  2. We have started Q&A forums on our blog, with exclusive access to our trainees.

  3. Matlab course upgraded to v4. Includes working with R2012b and later version of Matlab.

model based design using simulink
Modelling logic based systems with stateflow
matlab code optimisation
vectorisation in Matlab


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Learn Matlab tips & Tricks

We will accelerate your innovation by helping you quickly prototype your ideas. Our expertise on a range of domains will leverage resources for your cross disciplinary projects involving prototyping and simulations using Matlab and Simulink. Let our experts handle your prototyping needs while you focus on your core competencies.

Contact us to discuss how best our resources can be deployed to help your team.

data acquisition in matlab and simulink
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Creating Tabs using GUIDE

Unfortunately GUIDE doesn’t support tab creation (at least as of 2015b); but I found a small hack that can help fuse two GUIs created using GUIDE as two tabs in a single window. The idea is to export the GUIs into m-files using Export option in File menu,...

How to write s-functions in Matlab

Matlab s-functions seem scarier than they really are. Understanding how Simulink works and what goes behind the scenes when you...